What is Digital Agency?

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What do you mean by digital agency?

It’s a play on words. A digital agency is an advertising agency designed to better target and serve up ads, ideas, and messaging campaigns.

My thesis is that the constant encroachment of algorithms and messaging on our everyday lives is eroding away our capacities of attention, and attention is a form of agency. Both attention and agency are known to be forms of intelligence.

A digital agent, then, is one who expresses his agency in an ever-encroaching digital world. It is one who understands and acknowledges the new realities of our current mode of being in this algorithm-driven world and makes choices and decisions earnestly and actively in it. The goal of Digital Agency is to explicate on and explore what these realities are and how we might face some of the new challenges of our time.

By exploring the intersection between so-called artificial intelligence and human intelligence, I also believe we can learn more about both topics through the contrast of the limitations of each.

And what the artificial intelligence does not have that we as humans do is agency.

What’s in it for me?

Content that focuses around issues of technology, agency, meaning, philosophy, algorithms, and the fortification of the individual.

I will be drawing from philosophers, thinkers, psychologists, technology, and technologists to create new ideas and hypotheses about what is going on and how we might address them together.

No spam, no filler content; just ideas and content I’ve been wrestling with for years of my life.

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Hyon S Chu
I throw ideas up. Maybe I'll put them all together one day.